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There's a storm coming, Mr. Wayne.


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Out of Character Information

player name: arden
player journal: [personal profile] dancinpenguins
playing here: thor odinson, jace wayland
where did you find us? through adri/bella
are you 16 years of age or older?: y

In Character Information

character name: selina kyle
Fandom: nolanverse batman.
Timeline: right after batman took off with the bomb at the end of the dark knight rises.
character's age: 27.

powers, skills, pets and equipment:

Advanced hand to hand martial arts: Although it's unclear whether she's received any sort of formal combat training, Selina is able to quickly dispatch foes while completely unarmed.

Firearms proficiency: Selina is able to use handguns, and also adapts to heavy weaponry quickly.

Disguise: She's proven able to alter her voice, mannerisms, and appearance at will, using theatricality to assist primarily in thievery, but also to save her skin when necessary.

Infiltration: Not only stealthy in movement, but well versed in circumventing security protocols, and proficient with the equipment necessary to break into incredibly secure areas.

Sleight of Hand: Able to pick pockets readily, stealing watches off wealthy 'marks' ... and even stealing off from Bruce Wayne's person without his notice.  

Acrobatics: She did a backflip out of a second story window. Case closed.


Infared goggles 
Catsuit  ( the heels of her boots can also serve as weapons )

canon history: here!


“I started off doing what I had to. Once you've done what you had to, they'll never let you do what you want to.”

Selina Kyle is a survivor. Growing up in the part of Gotham that regularly eats people alive, she refused to be a victim, although her determination to do so came at the cost of her morality. Whereas Bruce grew up in a life of privilege, Selina was surrounded by poverty, and did whatever she needed to do to survive: even when it resulted in damning her future in order to save her present. It isn't that she doesn't think ahead, or foresee consequences – she's far too intelligent for that – however, she lives in a world where one couldn't afford to compromise for the sake of the future, if they wanted to eat.

Selina clearly harbors bitterness towards those who were born privileged, happy to mock Bruce's socialite life style and quick to annoyance when she thought he was condescending to her. In her eyes, it's the wealthy who are below those who actually have to fight to make it in the world, those who have suffered and been made tougher by it.

“We are the sum of our mistakes.”

Her worldview is exceptionally cynical, refusing to put too much stock in hope for a better future, as if she's come to grips with the idea that the American dream is a complete illusion.

“I don't stand on the shoulders of people with less.”

“Nobody ever accused me of being dumb.”

“First time she broke out of women's correctional, she was sixteen.”

why do you feel this character would be appropriate to the setting?

as selina herself puts it so eloquently, she's nothing if not adaptable. she can kick butt and cope with a lot of physical and psychological horrors, because life in gotham is no cake walk. she's tough as nails, smart, and confident. she'll do fine.

Writing Samples

Network Post Sample:

Third Person Sample:

Bruce Wayne was dead.

Gotham survived, climbing out of its own refuse as it might have been, it survived, but the Wayne dynasty, or whatever it ever was, was now void of any Waynes. Nothing more than an imposing building still towering watchfully over the city.

It was only the only one watching, now.

The Batman was dead.

She wasn't sure which one was more surreal, or which one bothered her more. What didn't bother her, even though maybe it should have, was that she thought of it as two separate losses, even though she knew the truth.

Either way, she knew one thing: there was nothing left in Gotham for her.

The apartment she was temporarily using - under her own name, as if to test the veracity of the clean slate technology, despite having watched it wipe her record with her own eyes - was dark when she entered, and she left it that way, dropping her purse on the counter, and rummaging inside it for a moment.

She didn't need lights on to know she wasn't alone.

Her hand tightened around the small revolver and she turned, pulling it up and aiming it across the room with sharp precision, fixing it on the shadowed shape there. Her jaw set with something more than annoyance: someone tracking her down here can only mean one thing.

It didn't work.

Anything else? ...Anything else? :D

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